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Petrified Wood furniture adds texture to any room


Petrified Wood furniture adds texture to any room


No one will be able to resist these breathtaking side tables


No one will be able to resist these breathtaking side tables

We found a stone you might love


We found a stone you might love

Petrified Wood Information


  Petrified Wood isn’t made by man, it’s formed over millions of years by minerals and lava. The fossil stone is formed when wood is transformed by extreme pressure and temperature into solid stone. It always has tiny pits – spaces between the various mineral crystals. It also has natural fissures as well, which may […]

Interior Design Trend 2017


Interior Design Trend Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood Table


Petrified Wood Tables – Petrified Wood Tables made from genuine fossil stone…. — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) January 2, 2017

Fossil Stump End Table


Fantastic find of ancient fossil stumps handmade into wonderful end tables. Fossil Stump End Table — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) September 12, 2016

Petrified Tree Stump Side Table


Petrified Tree Stump Side Table — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) September 12, 2016 Amazing discovery of prehistoric petrified tree stumps handcrafted into beautiful side tables.

Petrified Wood Art


An amazing find of prehistoric wood fossils that the famous luxury home furniture and art designer Rick Owens has handcrafted beautiful stone works from genuine petrified wood. Petrified Wood Art — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) February 28, 2016  

Fossil Sink


Amazing discovery of prehistoric wood fossils we made into unique sinks. Beautiful fossil stone sinks for rustic style bathroom and kitchen decor made from genuine petrified wood. 󾓯 Fossil Sink by Indo Gemstone IndoGemstone Via Flickr: Fossil sinks made from genuine petrified wood…. — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) February 20, 2016