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Why the best interior designers are turning to organic modern style


Why the best interior designers are turning to organic modern style

Fossils – IndoGemstone


Amazing discovery of prehistoric wood fossils we made into unusual home decor. Genuine fossil stones that are handcrafted into natural style furnishings. IndoGemstone Fossils Wood — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) January 6, 2016

IndoGemstone Bali – Facebook


Natural Home Decor, Rustic Style Furniture, Solid Wood Furnishings, Real Stone Decoration handmade from reclaimed hardwood and genuine petrified wood. IndoGemstone Bali I just uploaded "IndoGemstone Bali" to @Vimeo: — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) February 12, 2016

Bali Furniture


Bali Furniture

Best of Houzz – IndoGemstone


Best of Houzz

Rustic Wood Furniture – Houzz


IndoGemstone rustic style wood furnishings spotted on Houzz. These natural style wooden furniture and home decor are made from fossil stones and solid hardwood. The petrified wood sinks are perfect for any rustic style bathroom decoration. The natural wood tables also add a wonderful rustic feeling to any dining room. These unique home decorations are […]

Petrified Wood Dining Table – Houzz


Petrified Wood Dining Table

Petrified Wood – San Diego


Rustic living room furnishings made from real fossil stones. Petrified Wood furniture for sale online now in San Diego. Petrified Wood – San Diego — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) February 7, 2016

Petrified Wood Sinks – Dallas


Rustic  bathroom decor made from genuine wood fossils. Petrified wood sinks for sale online now in Dallas. Petrified Wood Sinks – Dallas — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) February 7, 2016

Natural Wood Table – Houston


Rustic dining room tables made from genuine hardwood. Natural wood table for sale online in Houston. Natural Wood Table – Houston — IndoGemstone (@indogemstone) February 7, 2016