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Interior Design Trend 2017

Petrified Wood formed millions of years ago after a massive shield
volcano eruption molten lava flow covered an entire tropical hardwood
rain forest. After eons of time from the heat and pressure within the
earth the woods pseudo morphed into stone. The wood still retains it’s
natural shape and appearance but the wood fibers have been replaced by
minerals. These fossil wood logs were lying deeply buried under tons
of sediments that have accumulated on top of it over time. Erosion
slowly washed away the over burden and exposed the Petrified Wood
The different possibilities that this company offers of products
made from Petrified Wood is nearly endless. Each piece of our
Petrified Wood furniture is a masterful and unique work of art.

All of the pieces of Petrified Wood home decor that are sold by
IndoGemstone are uniquely hand crafted by skilled artisans. Our
products are made from genuine fossil wood. This rare material is hard
to find and it’s unusual characteristics will increase in value over
time. Luxury home interior designers and custom home builders the
world over are now using this unique component to add an unusual surprise into
their projects. Special architecture companies are now starting to
incorporate these precious Petrified Wood furnishings and accessories since its interior design trend.


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