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IndoGemstone Fossils

Indogemstone Fossils

IndoGemstone Petrified Wood


Genuine wood fossils from Indonesia that are hand crafted into the most unique rustic furnishings. Petrified wood formed a very long time ago when trees fell in strong tropical storms. Flooding rivers buried the ancient hardwood forest in layers of sediment. Volcanic eruptions then covered the deposit with molten ash that is high in silica. Eventually the wood pseudomorph into stone. The fossilization process took place when wood absorbed the silica and other minerals dissolved by groundwater and over millions of years. Then the minerals crystallized and replaced the plant material as the trees decayed. The minerals preserved the texture of the wood as it turned to fossils.
There are many different products that our company offers and the items that we can make from the Petrified Wood are nearly endless. Each piece of our furniture one of a kind and is a masterful and beautiful work of art. All our pieces are uniquely crafted by skilled artisans.


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